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El comercio como medio de empoderamiento de las mujeres
International Trade as a means to empower women

The eleventh World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires resulted in advancements on many fronts, but it also highlighted that we have not moved as far and as fast as one would have liked. Questions about the state of the international trade system overshadowed the deliberations and brought an inward-looking focus that precluded us from achieving an ambitious outcome.

[Even amid Protectionism, Buenos Aires Gave Women Momentum]

¿Esta la democracia bajo asedio?
Is democracy under siege?

We are living a very special moment in History in which even the very
concept of democracy as it has been considered for most of the
citizens of the world over the last century is open for discussion.
While there seems to be general agreement that there is no
possibility of genuine democracy without the respect for human rights
and the exercise of free and fair elections, I will choose to highlight
some aspects that deserve renewed consideration:
• Majority rule
• Minority rights
• Equality before the law
• Social, economic, and political opportunities for all, in pluralism

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