I am introducing this space as one who has traveled many roads and has always been ready to assimilate the views of my travel companions. Much have I learned from them. For this reason, I deeply value spaces that allow expression and the frank exchange of views. It is to this end, that I am introducing this space – as I believe it to be only a natural next step in the way I have always worked.

In my view, remaining faithful to the objectives we pursue is the key that adds value to all those paths we choose to follow. The strength to assume everyday challenges is derived precisely from that passion to achieve the results we seek.

The challenging times in which we live are characterized by an imbalance between the realms of the social and the personal.  It appears at times that, fueled by globalization and dizzying marketing campaigns that seek to define the “I” through sheer consumerism, we grow distant from the most basic principles of the Aristotelian maxim that man is in essence a social being. Meaning that there is no true opportunity to realize a real identity – a real “I” – if we remain isolated, without meaningful participation in the communal life.

For this objective, unlike other animals, human beings possess the great engine of speech. Accordingly, this space is a proposal to express our views on social matters through words, captured in writing or verbally, with an open and multicultural perspective that both respects and seeks to recognize salient human values within the distinct peculiarities each community possesses.

I encourage you, women and men, young and old, to accompany me in this journey that proposes to listen, to read, to study and to express in an environment of mutual respect that makes us improve our social interaction from the unique place and perspective each one of us emanates from.